The All New sPIn 15

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Product Description


The Flagship model boasting p.c. level performance with the reliability of an EPROM based POS.
All this with real time printer management.

Features Include:

  • Full colour Splash proof bright touch display, fast safe and reliable
  • Restaurant maps (view table layout on screen, table profitability what’s been ordered on the table.
  • Graphic analysis of turnover and guest quantity
  • Restaurant booking management also included Is light hotel management
  • Full real time networking capabilities including pad system, kitchen screen, handy, printers, everything is real time and there is no master slave, so less likely to lock out.
  • Clerk keys can be programmed to use as much or as little as the manager requires, also clerk time clocking, when set the pos works out how many hours each clerk has done in their shifts.
  • Account management, uses name , address, credit balance, swipe card, debit balance

More Information

Maximise Profits – Get into the sPIn zone and see the beginning of increased profits. This means the end to running orders back and forth to the kitchen or bar. After putting through the order, the waiter is left to move on to the next table for orders or print out the bill. Making it happen instantly-service times decrease and profits will increase.


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