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Sam4s ER-180T

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Product Description


This operator-friendly model provides a complete analysis of department sales, function total and actual drawer totals. The cashier has the option of supplying a printed customer receipt or a journal tape.

Features & Benefits….

  • 5 Sales Departments.
  • 500 PLU’s (Price Look Ups).
  • 10 Clerks.
  • 4 Tax Rates.
  • Large Cash Drawer (Lockable).
  • Programmable Message & Text.
  • Single Station Thermal Printer.
  • Secure Mode Lock.
  • Calculator Mode.
  • Auto Date Change.
  • Journal or Receipt Printing on Demand.
  • Rear Customer Display.
  • Full End of Day Reports.

Unit Dimensions & Weight

Height: 200mm Depth: 450mm Width: 400mm (Including Drawer).
Weight: 8.2Kg


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