Real Time Kitchen Stock Management

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When the handy system is used, together with the kitchen screen, you will find that the chef and the waiters will not be able to work without it ever again.

The Kitchen screen is the latest product of PI Technologies and has the same effect as the rest of the PI products, when you\’ve got it, you can\’t do without it. With the Kitchen screen set in the network the chef can send messages to the Handy making orders sat on the side a thing of the past, the chef can alert the waiters to let them know that an order is ready.

To make it even faster there is the option to set pre written messages, which you can send to individual waiters. There are also individual alarms for the handy, you can also compose your own. As not all the waiters check their handy when it beeps.

The kitchen screen has got others specificities and answer to a lot of chef\’s needs:

  • Sending messages to the handy.
  • Sending alarm sound to the handy (when the dishes are ready for example).
  • Manage the daily dishes (the chef can load the number of each dish he can serve and every time one of the dishes is sold, it is subtract on the kitchen screen. When there\’s no more of one of the daily dishes, the window on the handy and the sales touch is blocked and the waiter can\’t sell it anymore). Advanced stock control screen. For all products set for stock control can be viewed if set.
  • Restaurant table map (you can view a plan of the table plan, press on a table and it will show what that table has ordered or if a bill has been made).
  • The Kitchen screen Terminal can also be programmed and used as a sales POS.


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