CVM Kitchen Video Display System

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Product Description

The Kitchen Display System by Maitre’D offers features for both table service operations, as well as quick service operations.

KDS can help you:

  • Increase kitchen productivity
  • Increase speed of service
  • Reduce errors and improve customer service
  • Reduce printer cost

The CVM Kitchen Video Monitor system sends orders to kitchen staff instantly. Fully customizable order display screens simplify order preparation, and decrease the average time it takes to complete an order.

  • Display up to 12 orders at a time
  • 18 different screen display modes, including split screens and summary screens (summarize by item, item and modifiers, selected items only, ingredients, or speed of service times)
  • Font, size and colors can be customized
  • Item consolidation and prioritization
  • 3 lines of remarks can be displayed with each order
  • Display client and/or seat numbers for each item
  • Display average order times on the screen
  • Display either long or short descriptions
  • Display the server, revenue center and mode with each order
  • “On the fly” feature will transmit items to the CVM as you enter them


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