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Its great that your Cafe or Restaurant is full but isnt it fustrating when you see all those potential customers looking for a table, going elsewhere? Well there is a solution! Please read on…

This guest paging system is suitable for up to 30 customers waiting for orders or service. It is a simple to setup and configure, and once working is reliable and robust. This system will eliminate queues allowing customers to move back to their tables, to the bar or any other section of the premises up to 500 meters.

How do you use it?

Staff issues a coaster pager to the customer while they wait for their order/Table. The customers can then walk around, go to the bar, or any where inside your premises. When their order is ready the staff call the customers pager number, the coaster will then ring and vibrate to let them know that the order or Table is ready. When the coaster is returned and placed on the charging base, it will then be ready for the next customer.

” Please note that the system is priced as a 10 Pager system. Additional pagers can be purchased.


Coaster Information: Easy To Carry, Water Resistant, Made of strong Plastic, Up to 500M Coverage, Alert by Vibrate/Beep/Flash, Re-chargable Battery, Size:100 x 105 x 15 mm


Transmitter Information: Works With up to 30 Coasters, Coverage up to 500 Meters, Different Sound Choice’s, Size: 317 x 180 x 28 mm, Voltage: 7.5V 4A


Charger Information: Charge up to 10 Coasters at once, Automatically Cut Off when charged, Approx charge time 2 hours


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